May 8th Green Drinks: Keeping Our Local Waterways Clean — What Is Our Role?

29 Apr

When: Thursday, May 8th, from 6:30-8:30 pm
Where: Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Ave., Evanston
What: A chance to learn, network, exchange ideas, and get involved!

Join us on May 8th to celebrate National Drinking Water Week (May 4-10) and the 100th anniversary of Evanston’s first water treatment plant.

We will hear from Dave Stoneback, Utilities Director, and Lara Biggs, Superintendent of Construction & Field Services, about what the City does to control the quantity and quality of the stormwater entering our sewer system. And we will learn what our personal role is in helping to protect water quality in Evanston.

Bring your water and sewer questions to this free event.
Networking from 6:30-7:00 pm. Program begins at 7:00 pm.


Wednesday, March 5th: Let’s Talk About Alternative Energy in Evanston | Green Drinks

3 Mar
When:  Wednesday, March 5th from 6:30-8:30pm
 Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston
  A chance to learn, network, exchange ideas and take action!

Learn more about the exciting renewable energy programs happening in Evanston for homeowners and small businesses.
Join us for this informative, eye-opening presentation at the Firehouse Grill. Come in from the cold and warm up with a discussion about the sun’s energy.
Jonathan Nieuwsma, vice-president of Citizens’ Greener Evanston will give a national overview of renewable energy and then bring the topic home to Evanston with updates on Evanston’s electricity aggregation program and the offshore wind park. Bill McDowell and Ron Fleckman will present the Solar H2O Community Group Purchasing Program (SHOP) and the powerful impact it has had on Evanston.
Check out the recent article about SHOP in the Daily Northwestern

We hope you will join us for this free event at the Firehouse Grill and learn how you can help Evanston reach it’s climate action goals.

February 26th Green Drinks: Citizen Science – How can you get involved?

14 Feb

When:  Wednesday, February 26th from 6:30-8:30pm

Where:  Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston

What:  A chance to learn, network, exchange ideas, and take action!

There’s a wild world out there and this Green Drinks is going to teach you how you can get more in touch with it—scientifically speaking.

On Wednesday, February 26th, three citizen scientists will be speaking about their experiences with their respected organizations in citizen science. Lisa Culp has been a citizen science volunteer for the past 5 ½ years through the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Plants of Concern program and orchid monitoring with Fish and Wildlife Service. She is also a full-time tennis player instructor. Jonathon Schlesinger is the co-director of Habitat 2030, a volunteer group of “young-ish” scientists who act as stewards of the land and also monitor and collect data on a wide variety of wildlife. Jonathon will be presenting with Daniel Suarez, a co-director of Habitat 2030 and another staff member of Plants of Concern.

We hope you will join us for this free event at the Firehouse Grill and learn how you can become a part of a large group of citizen scientists serving our Chicagoland area!

October 30th Green Drinks: Climate Change and Health Threats – How prepared is Evanston?

8 Oct

When:  Wednesday, October 30th from 6:30-8:30pm

Where:  Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston

What:  A chance to learn, network, exchange ideas, and take action!

In the coming years, cities across the globe will feel the impacts of climate change more than ever. While numerous communities, including Evanston, are working hard to reduce our carbon contribution to the atmosphere, we are simultaneously preparing for the inevitable climate changes to come and strategically thinking about how we can best adapt to our changing environment.

For Citizens’ Greener Evanston’s October 30th Green Drinks edition (the day before Halloween), we are focusing on what the health implications will be in our changing environment and evaluating how prepared Evanston is to meet these challenges. Joining us will be Dr. Sarah Lovinger, a primary care physician and Evanston resident, who will provide an overview of the climate change-related health effects that people living in the Chicago area are likely to face. We are also pleased to welcome Evanston Health Department Director, Evonda Thomas-Smith who will offer an overview of how Evanston’s Health Department is adapting to these climate-related health challenges. 

Join us for this free event at Firehouse Grill on Wednesday, October 30th to engage in a discussion about the ways in which climate change may pose threats to our health and become part of the solution to help our community evolve to meet the challenges! 

September 26th Green Drinks: Welcome to the Neighborhood, Net Zero Walgreens!

18 Sep


When:  Thursday, September 26th from 6:30-8:30pm

Where:  Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston

What:  A chance to learn, network, and take action!

In case you’ve taken a stroll down Chicago Ave. or read the papers lately, you may have noticed that there is a brand new Walgreens facility currently under construction. And it plans to produce as much energy as it uses – if not more – thanks to its installation of wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal implements, LED lighting, green designs, and smart building materials, among other green aspects. This will be the first retail outlet in the U.S. to generate more energy than it produces over the course of a year! Want to learn about what it takes to build a net-zero building like Walgreens’? Then this is the Green Drinks for you!

Citizens for a Greener Evanston is pleased Walgreens chose to plant its building in Evanston and would like to invite you in giving them a warm welcome to the neighborhood this Thursday, September 26th from 6:30-8:30pm at Firehouse Grill located at 750 Chicago Ave (across the street from the Walgreens construction site!) Speakers will include Jamie Meyers, Walgreens’ Manager of Sustainability.


Green Drinks to be up and running this September!

20 Aug

After a long summer break, Green Drinks is happy to announce that our next event will take place this September. Keep checking the website for updates! We hope you all enjoyed your summers!

June Green Drinks CANCELLED due to WEATHER !

29 May

Update: 06/12 at 3pm: STORM’S A COMING!

If this storm is as severe as the meteorologists say, we may need to cancel this Green Drinks tonight 😦

Feel free to be in touch with the event coordinator, Kelsey Atkinson at 847-220-1731 to see if it is still going on.

Between 5-5:30pm hopefully we will get a better sense on the severity of this storm and I will post whether or not the weather makes us cancel.

I wish all of you (and your gardens and trees) safety during this storm!


We are trying Green Drinks on a new date this month (we hope you like it)!

Join us Wednesday, June 12th at Firehouse Grill (750 Chicago Ave.) in Evanston to learn about how you can make your yard greener on YOUR side. Featured this month will be Kelsey Atkinson with the City of Evanston’s Park/Forestry Division and an Evanston Openlands’ Branch TreeKeeper to talk about an upcoming Tree Summit event in Evanston and ways you can better care for your trees. Linda Kruhmin, the Farm Operations Manager with Talking Farm, will talk about container gardening in your yard using straw bales and milk crates.  Also speaking will be Erlene Howard from Collective Resource to let you know how you can make your food waste NOT go to waste. And we are also happy to have Marc Wise, the founder and co-owner of Greenwise Organic Lawn Care talking about their environmentally-conscious landscaping practices.

We hope you will join us!

When: Wednesday, June 12th from 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Firehouse Grill at 750 Chicago Ave., in Evanston

May 14 Green Drinks– In the Flood Zone: Exploring our Stormwater Infrastructure

1 May

Ever wondered about the extensive water and sewer pipe system that is constantly working beneath our feet? Or have you ever wanted to learn about some ways you can reduce flooding in your own backyard or basement?

This month’s Green Drinks program will take a look at our stormwater infrastructure.  Presenters from the City of Evanston and the Center for Neighborhood Technology will discuss how prepared we are for large flooding events and what current stormwater management techniques can help to further mitigate the problem.

Dave Stoneback, Director of Utilities with the City of Evanston, will give us an overview of our current layout of stormwater infrastructure in Evanston and what that means for a heavy rain event. City of Evanston’s Paul D’Agostino, Superintendent of Parks, will be discussing the importance of maintaining urban forestry in stormwater management. Ryan Wilson, the Stormwater Program Manager of Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT), will fill us in on CNT’s current research on urban flooding and their new Wetrofit program and Sustainable Backyards Program.


When:  Tuesday, May 14th, 6:30-8:30 pm

Where:  Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston

What:  A chance to learn, network, and take action!

Green Drinks… is back. “FRACKING”, ANYONE.

29 Mar

Come out and watch a short film about “Fracking”, the new controversial mining technique for natural gas. Discuss and ask questions. Participation is always appreciated and encouraged.



Same Place: Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston.
New Date:April 22, 2013
Same Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Let us know your coming.

December 11: Wine tasting at VINIC

19 Nov

 Join us this month for a wine tasting of three sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines at VINIC Wine, 1509 Chicago Avenue

December 11, 7-9 pm

Help Citizens’ Greener Evanston celebrate our many successes this year in creating a more livable, sustainable Evanston.

Entrance fee is $10 and includes tasting of “green” wines hand selected by VINIC’s passionate, knowledgeable staff.

“Short” pours of wine will also be available of a                                                                               larger variety of wines on hand.

Click to pay now and reserve your place
at this exciting event!