March 13th: Water Water Everywhere…!

4 Mar
Increasingly severe storms and heavy downpours will put pressure on Evanston’s water infrastructure. While wet basements and runoff continue to impose economic and environmental costs, innovative and practical solutions in Green Infrastructure will lead the future by collecting rainwater where it falls. Learn about what is being done in Evanston to solve this challenge at our monthly Green Drinks!
Panelists include:
Hal Sprague, CGE and Center for Neighborhood Technology
Suzanne Calder, Community Activist
Judy Pollock, CGE and Audubon Chicago Region
We will also be joined by representatives from the City of Evanston to discuss green infrastructure projects the city has implemented in the community.
When:  Tuesday, March 13th, 7 – 9 pm
Where:  Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue
What:  A networking opportunity and Panel discussion about how we can manage stormwater the natural way.
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