Green Drinks September 11: Greening Your Art Practice

2 Sep

“Greening” Your Art Practice
and Your Outlook on Life

How might you incorporate more sustainable materials and processes into your art practice or
your business?

How does art challenge us to see the ordinary things around us in a new light?

At this month’s Green (non)-Drinks,* our panelists will discuss eco-friendly printing
practices, “green” framing materials and techniques, and the role of art in calling for change.

Panelists will include —
• Marilyn Jones, Consolidated Printing
• Shaun Chinsky, Good’s of Evanston
• Verna Todd, photo-based artist

This month’s Green (non)-Drinks program is part of CGE’s 4th annual Green Arts Show and will
take place at the show venue in the upstairs gallery at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center.
(For more information about other events during the run of the show, see http://

Tuesday, September 11, 7 – 9 pm
Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes Street, Evanston
A free networking opportunity, art show visit, and panel discussion about how to
make your art practice or your business more sustainable.

* This will be a “dry” evening since we cannot serve/sell alcohol at the Noyes Center without a

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