October 30th Green Drinks: Climate Change and Health Threats – How prepared is Evanston?

8 Oct

When:  Wednesday, October 30th from 6:30-8:30pm

Where:  Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston

What:  A chance to learn, network, exchange ideas, and take action!

In the coming years, cities across the globe will feel the impacts of climate change more than ever. While numerous communities, including Evanston, are working hard to reduce our carbon contribution to the atmosphere, we are simultaneously preparing for the inevitable climate changes to come and strategically thinking about how we can best adapt to our changing environment.

For Citizens’ Greener Evanston’s October 30th Green Drinks edition (the day before Halloween), we are focusing on what the health implications will be in our changing environment and evaluating how prepared Evanston is to meet these challenges. Joining us will be Dr. Sarah Lovinger, a primary care physician and Evanston resident, who will provide an overview of the climate change-related health effects that people living in the Chicago area are likely to face. We are also pleased to welcome Evanston Health Department Director, Evonda Thomas-Smith who will offer an overview of how Evanston’s Health Department is adapting to these climate-related health challenges. 

Join us for this free event at Firehouse Grill on Wednesday, October 30th to engage in a discussion about the ways in which climate change may pose threats to our health and become part of the solution to help our community evolve to meet the challenges! 

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