Wednesday, March 5th: Let’s Talk About Alternative Energy in Evanston | Green Drinks

3 Mar
When:  Wednesday, March 5th from 6:30-8:30pm
 Firehouse Grill, 750 Chicago Avenue, Evanston
  A chance to learn, network, exchange ideas and take action!

Learn more about the exciting renewable energy programs happening in Evanston for homeowners and small businesses.
Join us for this informative, eye-opening presentation at the Firehouse Grill. Come in from the cold and warm up with a discussion about the sun’s energy.
Jonathan Nieuwsma, vice-president of Citizens’ Greener Evanston will give a national overview of renewable energy and then bring the topic home to Evanston with updates on Evanston’s electricity aggregation program and the offshore wind park. Bill McDowell and Ron Fleckman will present the Solar H2O Community Group Purchasing Program (SHOP) and the powerful impact it has had on Evanston.
Check out the recent article about SHOP in the Daily Northwestern

We hope you will join us for this free event at the Firehouse Grill and learn how you can help Evanston reach it’s climate action goals.


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